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With over 20 years of experience promoting and selling works by young and emerging artists, ArtLink is now launching physical gallery spaces for the very first time. By partnering with a leading luxury cruise brand, we are offering you the opportunity to exhibit your work in up to 14 different gallery spaces around the world.

what it’s all about

Art meets experience

ArtLink galleries will consign your works to be sold across the cruise fleet’s galleries. To ensure the story behind your work materializes, ArtLink will personally place your works within collections related to the ships’ respective destinations while maintaining a commitment to best represent your works.

Lisandro Suriel
what’s in it for you

worldwide audience

Catering directly and exclusively to the brand’s clientele, the galleries will provide your works with guaranteed exposure to over one million potential buyers each year. ArtLink will take on all of the logistical costs of bringing the works from you to the buyer. Make your art, we’ll do the rest.

Brooke Shaden
what artworks can you sell?

prepare to apply


The works we select must be available when we sign our contract with you, and will need to be exclusive to ArtLink Galleries. In the case of editioned prints, we can only accept works that have never been sold, or at most have been sold as one or two copies.


We are looking for either:
1. Works that can be sold as editions, such as photography, digital art, handmade prints or 3D-printed or cast sculptures.
2. Unique works such as sculptures, 3D artisan craftworks, paintings and drawings.


We will be looking for works we feel are best suited for the character of the galleries and their clients, most notably art and/or artists related to the ships’ destinations.


We generally look for works that are up to 70×100 cm in size, or can be printed in those dimensions. For sculptures and 3D objects, we are looking for pieces no more than 80 cm in height.

We are currently reviewing the many great applications we received.

If you would like to be informed when our application process reopens, please leave your email below.